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Bhel Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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send me the bhel apprentice training written test model question papers

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Name one microprocessor that works in the same way as that of intel 8085 but of another company.


A reflex klystron function as

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Syllabus for BHEL ET recuitment 2009 for electronics stream.

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i need supervisor exam model qustion paper

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pls send my id for supervisor model paper qustion


please send the model written test papers to for ET


Why we use signal&voltage isolator between source n load.

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i want exam information bhel, nal, hal, bel you have any idea or any question papers or placement papers please send soon


why diode is called diode?

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what is the difference between zener diode n tunnel diode in terms of their breakdown??????????

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What is effective communication?


common base transistor is connected in the circuit requiring- a)high current gain b)high voltage gain c)high input impedance d)high power gain e)none of the above

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Please send me some more Electronics Technical questions..


what is electronics?

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Bhel Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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