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why do you left your previous job?

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / prasanna nagarajan


My previous concern was very good to work and learn.but i
want to be work in the best.And it has been my dream to work
for your company .
(If it is very big concern like TCS,CTS,Insys you will
deliver this answer)

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / ravz

never say anything negative fr ur previous org. NEVER EVER

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / shravi

Well, I'm very satisfied with the job I have now. I looking
to leave my job only to seek for an opportunity for growth
and good career opportunities.

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / sharath

looking for greater there was no progress in
my job,i had to leave it.looking forward to work in an
organization where i am rewarded for performance

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / b n ravindranath

It's contract based job. My aim is to reach higher
positions in this BPO field in a reputed company. I want to
prove my self using my skills & knowledge to useful to the
company and helpful to reach higher positions in the

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / sampath bhat

If you are applying for the higher position then 1st talk
about you current job and how long you have been working "
I have been working as a "your current position" for about
3 years and I don’t see any progress in my present job, my
aim is to prove my self using my skills and knowledge and
reach the higher position in the BPO industry. I am looking
to leave my job only to seek for growth and good career

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / santosh saravade

As concern to my previous company no doubt it is a very
good company but I never got myself to prove and show my
skills. My dresm is to at a high level and to take the
company at No.1 if at all I get the Opportunity to make
this possible.

No company is good or bad it is how we think and deliver
out thought process.

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / arjun

Am comfortable with my current job, but i want improve my
skills regarding my career for that it is good opprtunity
to join in this cmpany, am cnfident about my goal which is
possible with this new offer

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / naman

Never say anything bad about your previous job it can make interviewer that if you can about your previous job why cant his infront of any other interviewer.

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why do you left your previous job?..

Answer / azeemrizwan

I always think to keep moving ahead thats the reason i m
looking for a chang, i dont have any problem with my
previous company but I just want to sharpen my skill for
new responsability .

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