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Virtusa QTP Interview Questions
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How can we redirect QTP results in to a excel sheet after the execution

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Is QTP a compiler or interpreter..? can you we execute a QTP Script file in a another system which does not have QTP installed..??

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How to load a object repository in QTP during runtime?

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What is obsolute path and relative path in QTP..? How to access them and what are the differences between them...??

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In QTP, What is Global action and Local action?


The xls contain data. how to get number of columns form the sheet?

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What is the entry criteria and exit criteria for your test automation

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Write a QTP script to print all the link names displayed in a web page

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A web page has two butons with same properties and rotating in clockwise direction. how to click on any of the button?

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A web page title might be or or what mandatory properties can be the page identified.Give the regular expression for that.

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A dialog is diplays " Transaction 254689 has been successfully completed" How to get the transaction ID from the message ?

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A web Page has a webtable with four columns and four rows. The first column is of ID and has values of 100,100A,A100,100y Find out the number of rows whose ID starts with 100. Similarly the last column is 'number of links'. Each row in the last column has values like link1,link2,link3 etc Find out the number of links where id is 100

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A webPage has a ComboBox with 10 values in it. Write a script to select 4 vales from it using CTRL key

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A web Page has 2 frames. Find out the number of weblist items in the second frame of the page.

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write script for finding number of broken links in web page? kindly please answer my question.

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Virtusa QTP Interview Questions

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