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US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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My sister is sponsoring my studies in finance in USA university what should I say If I was asked you will not come back after education.


How many times can one apply for visa if rejected once for fall 2009 ? I was rejected a visa on june 23rd. and can i apply for emergency date for 2nd attempt , however i am not able to view dates for the interview.

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Im Vishal..I did my undergrad at anna university, chennai (2005-2009).. My UG percentage is 63% and i had 12 backlogs which i cleared by the end of the 7th semester..My gre score is 1250 and toefl 103...I have also been given a tuition waiver of 6000usd which is mentioned on my i- 20..Will i face visa rejection due to my acads?Im sure i wont have issues regarding the finances...please care to give in your my interview this 3rd..thank you..

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Why do you want to study Marketing in the United States Of America but not in your own country.

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my interview scenario


why you change the university ?


My nephew is second year in high school in China and is coming to the US for two year high school study and then would like to go for a 4 year college. On the DS-165 form, should he say he will stay in the U.S. for 2 years or for 6 years ( 2+4)? thank you in advance for any thoughts on this.


Last time On 21st July i was rejected bcz of this Q : Why do u Want to go For again bech.....In Real I have completed Bca and I applied For Computer science as a Transfer Student bcz i applied b4 my ty completion and i done WES report of bca fy n i got merit credit n 3000$ scholarship from SEMO university which is listed in my I20..My consultant suggest me for CS course..bcz i have not given Gmat or gre...I got 5.5 BANDS in wat i have to tell to officer if again Q will arise...How can i convince them?


hey im from sri lanka.. last wk i had my f1 visa intrvw for fall 2009.but its rejcted under the 214-b. i dnt knw whatz the exact reason. visa officer ws a lady. and 1st she askd 4 my acedemic levels, then abt my college. and finalay abt my sponsor...whn i gave her the answer abt sponsor she rejected me. actualy my 2 uncles badly want me to study very well. they are sponsering me and my parents and i have my own money also, college need only 50000$ for entire degree and i have more than that. can anybody pls tell me what to do. i wish to apply again

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actually i have applied for MBA in Dowling college new york (USA) which GMAT is not require but i have given TOEFL got 92 out of 120 and my visa interview was on 29 july and that was refused due to GMAT and in interview she asked me about GMAT and she told me you are disqualify so please tell me the answer of this question so i can easily give the answer in my next interview.


I have done my bachelor on aptil 2004 after that i has been working as a assistant accountant in a company since my degree upto till date so please help me about my gap bcoz this is very big gap and as i have applied for MBA in New York (USA) in Dowling College which is in Oakdale and my visa was on 29 july and refused due to gap so please tell me the answer of this question that make them safisfy


Why you applied in only two universities?

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hello.. i went for the visa interview on 10th august 2009, and was ma interview was very short and i was unable to know the reason.. i have applied for ms in elect engg in csula. i: good morning sir. VO: DID not replied and asked for passport and all. after having ma finger print he asked me which unv? i: CSU LA VO: how many unv have u applied for and name them? i: 2 sir, csula and Nyit vo: why nyit? ( being very loud) i: becox the course and curriculum are quite similar to ma objectives and i am interested in this research program they are offerring. vo: why nyit? ( being more louder) i: becoz i wnted to keep it as an option if in any case i was not admited in csula. vo: wat option? i am asking u why Nyit? i: becoz they are proving me a spz of microcomputers and digital systems. and also ma teachers and seniors reffered me this unv. vo: do u have ny relation in us? i: no blood relation but i do have some seniors there. vo: i am sorry cant grant u d visa. i am taking date after 15th it possible people get visa's in 2nd attempt. where i lacked last time. and next time wat ll i possibly say dat y was i rejected last time. does ma first rejection ll affect ma 2nd interview. plz help me...


What is the best way to convince the counselor when u r once rejected and appearing for the second time?


What you made decide in following IT course?


Post New US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

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