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Trident Interview Questions
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why you join the hotel industry?

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. The first muslim invader in India was (1) Changez Khan (2) Muhammad Ghori (3) Muhammad of Ghazni (4) Muhammad-bin-Qasim

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What do you know about us?

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what is the role of proportional in process control?

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which one of follwoing will read a character from keyboard and store in c a)c=getc() b)c=getchar() c)c=getchar(stdin) d)getc(&c) e)none

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why colour of electrical equipment( like transformer) is grey

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what is the silt(for sand) allowed persentage as per IS CODE B/W: PLASTER: CONCRETE :

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What is the pressure of fuel oil on main engine and diesel generator?


What is DCS?

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what is the difference between elcb and rccb ?


What is the formula to find out the kvar required to improve the powerfactor from .85 to .99 at 1500kw, 415v.

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can we find the inductance of a induction motor?


What is the winding resistsnce need to be in a 1000kva, 11kv/415v transformer, between ht winding to lt winding, ht winding to earth, lt winding to earth.?

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How would you do Security Testing for web application?

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Horizontal balance sheet versus Vertical balance sheet


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What are indexes in mongodb?


What functional domain level should you choose to allow windows nt4 servers and windows 2003 servers to function together?


what is list group in Bootstrap and what is the use of it?


How many systems are there in a human body? Name them.


How can we determine action invoked from HTTP GET or HTTP POST?


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What is the difference between Exit-Activity and Activity-End Methods?