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Suzlon Interview Questions
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What is a convertor?

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tell me Journal entries passed in system from the time of good receipt to payment.

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I need vlsi interview question papers

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how to configure automatic payment program

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What is the differance between negative dc voltage and positive dc voltage because some circuit uses -24,-5,-12,- 15,volt dc supply

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how to study five year balance sheet

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What is Meany By MIS Report?What are things covered in the report?

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How to decide and select the different earthing wire size for the different types of earthing


why nearly all the voltage levels are in the multiples of 11 like 3.3 ,6.6 ,33 ,11 kv.....

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What are the advantages of individual drives?

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what do you mean by leading power factor & lagging power factor

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how generator generates electricity?

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what is the difference between LT and HT power supply?

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How much duration I can keep open the CT if it is under loading condition(100 Amp load)?

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We wish to test 60 Hz systems from a 50 Hz supply. To acheive frequency conversion, we use a VFD. The VFD powers 40 kVA transformer, which has motor and non-motor loads on it. Will the transformer work?

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