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SSC SSC AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the vacancy position of different posts recruited through Combined Graduate Level Exam 2010? please give only authentic informations if any.

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is ssc cgl-2010 's last cut off for interveue for st will be aprox 50% pls give me ulternative answer pls pls pls

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SSC CGL TIER-II Written Qualified candidates report here ???

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Mutual Transfer!!!! I (ABHISHEK KUMAR cat-OBC R. No. 1246540 CGL Exam 2008) m selected for DIV ACCT and state allotted to HAR Punjab Chandigarh. Any body who is selected for the same post same category and state allotted to BIHAR and desirous to be mutually transferred from BIHAR to PUN HAR CHANDIGARH may contact on 9716700224. Thanks

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is there anyone who have faced ssc combined garaduate interview? pls send me some interview questions asked by ssc panel in CGL exam.

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Hi friends, can someone tell me how many years it takes for divisional accountant to get promoted to assistant accounts officer. Thanks.


i am selected as central excise inspector in cgl 2008 but i have not received my appointmnet order.can any one tell when we get postings

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hi friend , I am amit from jaipur..can you tell me total no of seat in CGLE 2010.. please give official data only.... and mail thanks in advance.....


Plz give me information test for the post of Assistant(CSS) ..


Give me when skill test for tax assistant will be happened?.... or call me at 9024793288, thnx in advance,..


Hello friend, I have done Bsc in 2008 and qualified for interview in CGLE 2010. University has not given original degree certificate till now. Will SSC demands Original at the time of interview. Can I face some problem. . .


What is total no. of seat in CGLE 2010 except CPO.? AMIT

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Total seat 4 T.A.? There is mistake in result notice


Why LDC & UDC have same pay scale. What salary they will get at the joining. >

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Please provide starting salary of all the post in CGLE 2010 with new DA.

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SSC SSC AllOther Interview Questions

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