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SSC SSC Political Science Interview Questions
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how minimum Recruitment age limit for a candidature for Prime Minister of India

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what is political science ?

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what is the meaning of judicial free dom?

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panchyat system

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what is reservation system ? presently

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What is judicial activity ?

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How can improve the realationship between India & Pak ?

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Constitutional amendment recently,

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How can I say Political Science is a science?

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wat is general registration number?

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give the difference between Income tax,corporate tax, professional tax, Entertainment Tax?

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give an example of an organization system you have developed and put into practice


who chairs The Joint session of the two Houses of the Parliament ?

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who is the highest law officer of state? 1 attorney general 2 advocate general 3solicitorgeneral 4secretarygeneral,law department

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who appoints chief seceratory ?

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SSC SSC Political Science Interview Questions

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