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SSC SSC Political Science Interview Questions
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how minimum Recruitment age limit for a candidature for Prime Minister of India

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what is political science ?

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what is the meaning of judicial free dom?

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panchyat system

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what is reservation system ? presently

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What is judicial activity ?

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How can improve the realationship between India & Pak ?

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Constitutional amendment recently,

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How can I say Political Science is a science?

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wat is general registration number?

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give the difference between Income tax,corporate tax, professional tax, Entertainment Tax?

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give an example of an organization system you have developed and put into practice


who chairs The Joint session of the two Houses of the Parliament ?

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who is the highest law officer of state? 1 attorney general 2 advocate general 3solicitorgeneral 4secretarygeneral,law department

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who appoints chief seceratory ?

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SSC SSC Political Science Interview Questions

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You are a contract project manager working with the State of Bliss. Your latest project involves rewriting the Department of Revenue's income tax system. One of the key stakeholders is a huge movie huff, and she has the power to promote you into a better position at the conclusion of this project. She's discovered that one of her favorite superstars lives in the State of Bliss and therefore must file income tax star. What is the most appropriate response? A. Report her to the management team B. Refuse to comply with the request, citing conflict of interest and violation of confidential company data C. Look up the information she's requested. Since the data is considered part of the project, there is no conflict of interest D. You believe that tax records are public information, so you comply with the request


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