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SSC SSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi, Can anyone help me in deciding preference order for various SSC-CGL posts. Posts are as follows- Assistant in CSS(Central Secretariat Service) Assistant in CVC Assistant in Intelligence Bureau Assistant in Ministry of Railway Assistant (Cypher) in Ministry of External Affairs Assistant, Ministry of Defence Assistant other Ministries / Organizations Income Tax Inspector Inspector (Central Excise) Inspector (Preventive Officers) Assistant Enforcement Officer in Directorate of Enforcement Inspector (Examiner)

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i am an ex serviceman candidate with total 356 marks in SSC CGL 2011 what are my chances

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what is the final approx cut off to get selected for group B posts for unreserved candidates

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what type of questions are asked in ssc graduate level one should prepare for it.i am commerce grad. what questions are expected from my commerce background.


What would be the expected cut off for selecting a candidate in CGLE, 2011 in interview posts (UR)?

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what will be the gross salary of an accountant of ssc combined graduate level?


Find the wrong number in this series.... 7,28,63,124,215,342

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Hi guys.I took Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) for Intelligence Bureau (IB) few months back..I've confidence that I'll clear the exam.I need to know about the interview.Please help me with this..I donno wt kind of stuffs to be prepared..One main Question is can Assistant Central Intelligence Officer be promoted to ips cadre?pls help me...


A sc candidate,rank 1737 out of 1895 total seats,scoring 273.75 can get Auditor or Any accountant post in ssc cgl 2011. I have given all states. Plzzz answer authentically. Plzz


any information regarding skill test l.d.c and deo ....i know the wpm requirement...but need to know how to build such speed in the short interval of time.....any tips..? Have anyone cleared thhis skill test...plz contact.


What questions were asked in SSC-Scientific Assistant in Indian Meteorological Department IMD interview?

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can anybody post the interview questions asked in ACIO wireless telegraphy 2012?


what is the starting gross salary of assistant in css . what is the highest rank an assistant can get promoted in his career.


what is the formula of turbine speed ?


What is the transfer system/policy for the auditor/senior auditor who got appointment as auditor in CGDA through SGLE 2011


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SSC SSC AllOther Interview Questions

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