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SSC SSC General Science Interview Questions
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What is the general colour of emerald ?

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Pls tell me interview question for CPO (SI)

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Ratio in of WBC and RBC in blood

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A moter Cycle run on a circular road @ 40Km/hours Speed. The total weight of the Moter cycle with rider is 50Kg. He has started from a point and finished the jurney tiil same point with four round, which distance is 40Km per round find the toter work done by the rider?

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Q) Which is the heaviest body of our solar system. a)Sun b)Uranus c)Jupiter d)Saturn

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good evening to all ..this sunday i attend ssc tax assistant exam....please send to me previous question papers and model my mail....

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i got a job in an government organisation... salary is pay band-2 ie,,9300-34800 grade pay-4200 so how much can i get apprxtly per mnth..plz help

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Recently, over 140 countries have agreed on the first international treaty called MINAMATA Convention. It aims to reduce the emission and release of which element into air, water and land? (a) Lead (b) Sulphur (c) Mercury (d) Cadmium

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The Authority to alter the boundaries of states in india rests with: a. State Government b. President c. prime minister d.Parliament

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SSC SSC General Science Interview Questions

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