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Semantic Space Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the difference between buglog and defect tracking?

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how do u develop test harness?

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1.what is use of touch commnad and chmod 2.Testing inter view there 45 questions. 5 for apititude 20 unix + networking 5 for testing question 10 c or c ++ or java 5 perl or shell scripting +or database 3.what do you know in unix? 4.what is netmask 5.what is stack 6.explain osi model 7.a=10; ++a=a++ Then what is value of a? 8.What is sdlc 9.what is stlc 10.What is ip address/Different classses of Ip address 11.write down test cases how to check computer is in nework or not? 12.what is difference between window 98 and windows 2000 13.How to find ip addess of your computer 14. when we will do risk analysis in test plan?

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Difference b/w srs and functional specifications? what are the approaches u'll follow while integrating the modules

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On which basis u'll prepare the test cases.

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u posted a bug with screenshots and steps to reproduce but still the developer is not accepting this is a bug. in dev system it is not reporducing . how u'll convince he developer? (if the developer is in india or onsite(give the answer for both the cases)

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What is the difference between System Testing and Functionality Testing?

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what is analysis and interpretation of results?

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what are reviews in sdlc?

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what is analysizing test results & creating the bug reportts?

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what is test report?

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what is the basic purpose of functional & load testing?

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what is deffered defect?

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for example, if we have a textbox ranging from 0-100. which methodology we are using & what are inputs we are observed?

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what is walkthrough?

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