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Semantic Space QTP Interview Questions
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Among all the check points what is the most important checkpoint?

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What are the most frequent errors you faced while executing your scripts?

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What are the file extensions for per-action, shared object repository files and what is the extension for library files?

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How do u retrieve data from a text file into different variables. i.e. in a text file named "source" , the data is like : india,1000,japan,200,china,50,singapore,45050 this is given in the first line of the text file. in the second line of the text file the dta is: sun,moon,planet,river,earth,water if u use "readline" method by using FSO concept u can retrieve the entire line in to a variable. but i want to import each field (ex: "india" in one variable, "1000" in another variable etc..). Apprecitae proper replies.

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How do u write a regular expression for date (dd/mm/yyyy) field ?

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How do u write regular expression for a window name which is changing for each build ? i.e. in first build the window name is : "computer graphics are very ...." . in second build the window name is : "computer graphics can be created" . - Appreciate proper replies

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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?

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What are default add-ins in qtp?

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what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables?

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i have opend 2 gmails i am working with 1 gmail i want to close other gmail by usig script. 2.i have 10 links in a page all of them have same properties& names i want to click on 5link by using script. 3.i have one combobox in that i want to see all the citynames in the combobox and i have to check weather hyderabad is present or not. 4. size of objectrepository. 5.what r problems we get during writing the script. it possible to compare to excel sheets in qtp if possible wht is the script. 7.example for lowlevelrecording

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Does QTP recognize two diff browser's at a time..?if possible how..? Is it possible run scripts on Mozilla which are recorded on IE..?..How..?

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Can a function return a dictionary object?

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banking domain description for software tester for interview


diff between qtp versions from 8.5


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