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Saint Gobain Interview Questions
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What is the meaning of the term "g force"?

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how to find the resistance

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Why glands not provided for XLPE cables

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An engineer measures the direct current resistance of a transformer using ohm meter. When he/she takes out one of the leads of the meter, spark comes.. Why ?? This effect is known as...

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You are a project manager responsible for the construction of a new office complex. You are taking over for a project manager who recently left the company. The prior project manager completed the project charter and the scope statement for this project. In your interviews with some key stakeholders, you conclude that the scope statement was poorly constructed. You know all of the following are true except: A. It will be difficult to assess future project decisions from this scope statement. B. It will be difficult to decompose the deliverables from this scope statement. C. It will be difficult to assess cost and time estimates from this scope statement. D. It will be difficult to create an accurate WBS from this scope statement.


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