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Saint Gobain Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is pf. how to calculate capacitor bank value to maintain unity pf.

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how to find the resistance

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Why glands not provided for XLPE cables

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An engineer measures the direct current resistance of a transformer using ohm meter. When he/she takes out one of the leads of the meter, spark comes.. Why ?? This effect is known as...

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In our plant we have installed new MCC with ELR and CBCT which is detecting some leakage current in the system but it leading to some confusion when to check that in which feeder which is drawing current we put off the whole panel itself but still CBCT detecting some leakage current so can anybody ans me , where i am going wrong or how to detect whether its actual leakage or CBCT malfunctioning.


why do select 11000v rubber mat even we use only 415Volts

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Saint Gobain Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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