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Saint Gobain H1B Visa Interview Questions
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what is the criteria to decide conductor size of a cable ?


what is the difference between profit center area and business are.? please make me clear.


how 650 volts creates? where is use?


what is capacitor voltage transformer?? how it is different from potential transformer?


To import the flat file definition into the designer where should the flat file be placed?


u having experience of more than 2 yeras in marketing so why u want to join bpo?


What would you do as a manager if your team stops performing?


what is meant by impedance & transient protection?


In wct limit is Rs.5lac if vendor provide bill below 5lac wct will applicable or it aggregate I need deduction of wct 5lac slap


My friend has done the DMLT(Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)Now she wants to do further education.What should she do? Please Guide which would be best for her


Hi there Just done with QTP training. I am looking out for a job. can any one share your experinces in real time job. I mean How the work flow goes and what other things do i have to learn for getting a job. please respond ASAP this is urgent for me. Regards Lina.


Tell one biggest task for you


when MSQL8.0 is in market


SQL How can make delete and insert in one query


how to set relay setting? and example calculation...


Saint Gobain H1B Visa Interview Questions
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