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RRB RRB Interview Questions
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Name the proposed Zonal Railway at Hajipur after bifurcation of Eastern Railway? (1) East Northern Railway (2) East Central Railway (3) East West Railway (4) Eastern Frontier Railway

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At the end of a business conference all the ten people present shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will there be altogether? (1) 90 (2) 55 (3) 45 (4) 20

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Name the person who is know as ?Karnataka Gandhi? : (a) Ranganath Devakar (b) Karnataka Sadashiva Rao (c) Thagdur Ramchandra Rao (d) Hadekar Manjappa

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The original fort in Bangalore was built in the 16th century. Later on, it was subject to the authority of the Marathas and then the Mughals. Who amongst them bought Bangalore in the 17th century from the Mghals for three lakhs? (a) Kenpagowda I (b) Chikka Devraj Wodeyar (c) Haider Ali (d) Tippu

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Which of the following equations is correct where I=Current, V=Voltage and R=Resistance? (a) V = I/R (b) R = V/I (c) I = V/R2 (d) R = V2/I

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indias national frute

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indian rail way's week


god's own country?

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scribers made of (1)stainless steel(2)low corbon steel(3) mild steel

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Railway Recruitment Board Examination, Gorakhpur January 2005 Question Paper

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Railway Recruitment Board, (Bangalore) (Goods Guards Recruitment Exam) June 2004 Question Papers

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Railway Recruitment Board (Bangalore) Supervisor (P-Way) Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Papers

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Railway Recruitment Board (Bangalore) (Electrical Signal Maintainer Gr-II Recruitment Exam) May 2004 Question Paper

6 13971

Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Paper

2 23064

Railway Recruitment Board (Bangalore) Supervisor (P-Way) Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Papers

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RRB RRB Interview Questions

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