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Qatar Petroleums Instrumentation Interview Questions
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i have an interview in Qatar Petroleum. So please provide the all details abt fire & gas systems

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What is loop or pigtail in an impulse line?

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Could anybody pls give ans of boiler 3 element control system?

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what is load line in control valve?

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What is Integral and Derivative control?

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NSV type probe stands for


What are the materials use for COntrol Valve body?

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What information needs for Control Valve "sizing"

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Hi i am aneesh, done btech in applied electronics & instrumentatiin. And then i took mba in finance & marketing.After that i got placement in finance co and worked there for 3.5 yrs.Now i wanted to come back to engineering job.But without engg experience, i may not able to find an opening.i have done a course related to flow meters and ite calibrations. Kindly suggest where should i try to get a job?


Difference between ultrasonic flow meter and radar type flow meter

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How to calculate flow of air bubbler type level transmiter  According hight and density 

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I am a instrument technician. recently i attend interview and face one of question for DP transmitter ,the client asking about the calibration of DP transmitter ,am answer the calibration procedure, they will ask one more question. why open LP side in atmosphere? i did not answer that question. so please help me and explain the particular question. Dear firends waiting for your valuable replay

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