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QA Interview Questions
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what is the syntax for regular expression.dont send the types like regexp_label,regexp_msw_class

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what is the testing approach for windows Explorer(Not IE Explorer)


How we conduct Regression Testing through WinRunner

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hi, my qusetion is that plz send me the complete testplan and test cases of any web application with testing too so i have an idea bcz i have no any experience in it


what is impact analysis

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what is gap analysis

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How do you create a file in UNIX

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what is the difference between Touch & cat command

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1Testing process followed in your company … 3. Testing Methodology 4. Where u maintains the Repositories? 5. What is CVS? 6. Bug Tool used? 7. How will you prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc? 8. How will you validate the functionality of the Test cases, if there is no business requirement document or user requirement document as such… 9. Testing process followed in your company? 10. Tell me about CMM LEVEL -4 …what are steps that to be followed to achieve the CMM -IV standards? 11. What is Back End testing? 14. How will u write traceability matrix? 15. What is CVS and why it is used? 16. What will be specified in the Defect Report…? 17. What is Test summary Report…? 18. What is Test Closure report…? 21. What are the Testing methodologies that u have followed in your project ? 22. What kind of testing that u have been involved in and explain about it…. 24. What is joins and what are the different types of joins in SQL and explain the same? 25. What is Foreign Key in SQL…?

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how will u execute a file in unix

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write test strategy for hotmail login screen

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if yahoo ceo asks you to do performance testing for yahoo site, what are the inputs you ask from them?


can u merge 10GUI map files into a single GUI map file in winrunner?


will rapid test script wizard works in web testing?

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what is exception handling in winrunner?

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Un-Answered Questions

hi i need detailed information on badi and bapi how can this work in real time senarios plz explain with exp


How to assign a Null value to a numeric field in a table?


how to create the AE dataset by using SDTMIG specifications and SAP plan by using UNIX platform?


Why general ledger accounts require "post automatically" setting in SAP??


could you please post the Q&A of SAP CRM interview questions and answers on Sales and Service? Pls mail to my email id Shall be grateful for your reply. shilpa




Explain the use of table functions.


Can I create a master report in webi having 15 dimensions and 150 kpi's with 100GB of data and store it in cache ,So that I can use Cache for building new reports with less dimensions and Kpi's without hitting database againg just using cache??Please suggest...


why we are using register of 1k,10k,100k,47k,330k in cell phone based voting machine project?


Can anyone provide the definitions for the following abbreviations? Thanx to anyone who could CIT CAP


What is self exciting?


What can you contribute to the company?


How can we calculate cable size in Low voltage & high voltage


What is the maximum number of swithes that can be connected in series up to down stream point in an LV Distribution system?


What is WP13-WP15 MI with Synchronization?


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