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QA Interview Questions
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1.At the recent web developres bowling match,two ganes were played.Kiev beat stuart in both games;also Richard beat John in both games.The winner in game1 second in game2.Richard won game2 and John beat stuart in game1.No player got the same placing twice.Can you determine who finished where in each game?

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there are 3 jars of different jar holds 8 litres of milk,the other 2 jars of 5 litres and 3 jars are empty.There is no measuring level or marks in all the jars.Juggle between these 3 jars and get 2 jars containing 4litres each at the end.

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At a recent painting competition,Jonny's rendition of a constable was not last.priya only just managed to avoid last place and came third.the lady who paintd a monkey was very successfull and took first place>Mary beat the lady who painted the lady the temple and the lady who painted the flower beat saching.can you determine who painted what and who won

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During a recent school reunion,four men were discussing their starting salaries back in 1962.The salaries in question were 8,10,12 and 14 thousand pounds per year.of course the MP earned the most.Alan earned more thean brain and the doctor earnd more than Derek,the vet.charles could not remember what he started on.Brain,the lawyer,didnot start on 10,000pounds nor did Derek.can you determine who has which job and their starting salaries?

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