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write test strategy for hotmail login screen

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write test strategy for hotmail login screen..

Answer / mahesh kumar

Test_case_Id-- 01

Objective/Purpose--- To check the user login hotmail
successfully or not

Pre-condition---- Hotmail login page should be open with
its all contents.

Test Data-- User name and password

Steps--1.Write correct user name and password in respective
2.Click on Login button

Expectid Result--- User login successfuly and home page
should be open.

Actual Reslt---

Review State---


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write test strategy for hotmail login screen..

Answer / rahul ubhale

test scenario:

test set-
test case 1: test data {correct username , correct password}
expected output- user should click on
login button and get result as login successfully

test case 2: test data {correct username , incorrect password}
expected output-when user click on login button
it gives message as password is incorrect.

test case 3: test data {incorrect username ,
correct/incorrect password}
expected output-when user click on login button it responds
as wrong username or password.

and so on.....


steps to follow while testing
1)fill username
2)fill password with case sensitiveness
3)click on submit button

there is different strategy to test hotmail while
registering the user or SIGNUP...........

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write test strategy for hotmail login screen..

Answer / arif shaikh

First of all We should identify the Scenario

There are 2 Scenarios
1. Positive
2. Negative

1. Positive - User can Log in with correct credentials
2. Negative - There would be 4 Scenarios which are mentioned
Wrong User ID - Correct Password.
Wrong User ID - Wrong Password
Correct User ID - Wrong Password
In this scenarios the user should not get logged in and
should get appropriate messages

Please let me know if i am missing any thing

Arif Shaikh

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write test strategy for hotmail login screen..

Answer / devendra

test scenario for login
Verify the login

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