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PWC Interview Questions
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what do u mean by assistance class ?(definition)

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simple meaning of debit and credit...?

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while developing a report in BO i had created prompts at query level? When an end user runs the report he has to see the details of the report with out entering the prompt values? How can we do this in BO?

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1)I have createcd a dashboard on Bex query. How to refresh the Dashboard without hitting the bex query? 2)What is Event based scheduling in BO? 3) How to display the BO webi report title using a function? 4) For eg in my webi report iam having a person name like Jhon Peter Adam. But i need to get only the middle name of the person like Peter. What function is used in Webi to get this?


If we are Maintaining diffrent tax Percentage rates in FTXP and pricing Procedure? what will happen in Accounts? which percentage will taken by system at the time of posting?

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About Complete Withholding Tax ? What is Client Requirement is there ? Business Things ?

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Can we use two different sources in webirich client to create A report ? Like universe and excel etc...

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what is the usage of Enhancement category in tables?   

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I want to initiate sales order and the Delivery, PGI and Billing should be done automatically without any intervention of end user. How can I do this.

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I have few deliveries and I want to create invoice for certain batch wise. How can I split invoice based upon batches.

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What protocol is used between client and WebServer?


What triggers automatic delivery in cash sales & rush order after saving sales order?

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Is there any way to give certain discounts to first 10 customers (not sales order) per day? (Scenario where flipkart offers discounts to first 10 customers with multiple id per day)

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Is there any control for credit check in pricing procedure?

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