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PWC SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I want to initiate sales order and the Delivery, PGI and Billing should be done automatically without any intervention of end user. How can I do this.

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I have few deliveries and I want to create invoice for certain batch wise. How can I split invoice based upon batches.

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What triggers automatic delivery in cash sales & rush order after saving sales order?

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Is there any way to give certain discounts to first 10 customers (not sales order) per day? (Scenario where flipkart offers discounts to first 10 customers with multiple id per day)

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Is there any control for credit check in pricing procedure?

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What are the accounting entries for billing, PGI, Stock Transfer order, Excise invoice, Customer payment?

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What are the differences between export sales and deemed export sales, explain with all related configuration steps?

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In a scenario where credit check is active for all customers and company wants to exclude a customer from credit check on a special case, how to do this?

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What is the control for billing output issue only after accounting entries/released to accounting i.e. if there any error output will not trigger?

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How can we define Region(as defined by business), Area, Territory, Sales person in SAP.

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What do you mean by physical inventory management?

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