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PWC SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How do you write technical specs?

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How to upload a flat file from a legacy system into sap using BAPI ? And i also want the flat File to be uploaded in another Client.. ie suppose i am working in client 800 , i want run the BAPI and upload the file to Client suppose 000 directly from 800.


Hi to all abap guru's my querry is as follows How to trigger the page break in smartforms forcibly ? and how to trigger the page break in the scripts forcibly ? means for every 10 records i have to trigger the page break ? and in smart form also ? thanks in advance

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Hi to all abap gurus iam new to abap and my querry is as follows . and i feel so happy if u give exact anwers ? Querry1: i have one page( named "page1" )in my script with three windows(logo,adress,main windows) my requirement is to display some dynamic data in the script that is list of orders of the customer whn u give the customer number in selction-screen .then we can go for main window only to dispaly dynamic data ? or is there any other option ? then what should we give as apage number in the next page attribute in the header information. suppose if i dont give "page1" in the next page attribute as anext page what will happen ? i mean that dynamic data will be displayed or not ? Querry2: one one more querry incase if we have two pages in my layout .in page1 (3 windows as said above ) and page2 ( only logo and address window ) and no main window in page2. now if we give "page2" as next page in the next page attribute of page1 then that dynamic data will be displayed or not ?


what do u mean by assistance class ?(definition)

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what is the usage of Enhancement category in tables?   

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What is Transactional based Application & Role based Application?


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