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PWC Interview Questions
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What are the accounting entries for billing, PGI, Stock Transfer order, Excise invoice, Customer payment?

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What are the differences between export sales and deemed export sales, explain with all related configuration steps?

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In a scenario where credit check is active for all customers and company wants to exclude a customer from credit check on a special case, how to do this?

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What is the control for billing output issue only after accounting entries/released to accounting i.e. if there any error output will not trigger?

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What is Labour Cess? Pl. define. & what is rate of Labour cess.


How can we define Region(as defined by business), Area, Territory, Sales person in SAP.

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Deloitte KPMG PwC and Ernst & Young – Big 4 Interview Questions 1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?


What do you mean by physical inventory management?

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Can you please explain the process of DMEE.


What are accounting entries for STO, Sub Contracting and Consignment? Which transaction keys are hit during these processess?

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What is Transactional based Application & Role based Application?


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