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Assurgent Protocols AllOther Interview Questions
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layers of osi model?

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what are the service primitives present in cn?

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Draw a complete P&ID of a flow suction tank indicating all control & protection equipment. Indicate all its inlets and outlets. Explain the controls for this system


Why coupling should be located very near to the bearing? Why lap joint not recommended for tensile force?


Why did you choose BSC with Microbiology after your diploma in pharmacy and than MBA ? You also could do and MBA?


Identifying the bottlenecks in various components of Informatica and resolving them.


why are installed water leakage detection system data centers & server rooms


which one is more efficient, torq, power & ecnomy with the same frame size AC motor / DC motor?


What is the Spring2.5 MVC Navigation flow?


Give an example of the content key figure OTOTALSTCK (quantity total stock)?


What is the reason for using a GE G101 MCB in place of an EP102 MCB if both are capable of AC circuit protection?


what is the use of the circle diagram


In Dyn11 power transformer if any one of the 3 phases connected to earth in star connected side then please explain effect of the current flow in delta connected side of transformer.(In this case if one phase is shorted to ground in star connected side then we observe the current flow in two phases only not three phases in delta connected primary side. Please explain why it is so?)


what is the weight of 10mm,20mm,40mm aggregate


what is far pointer?


soft key for virtual object wizard ?


How we calculate steam turbine governor linkage assembly?


Assurgent Protocols AllOther Interview Questions
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