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Assurgent Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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what is meant by communication?

15 13930

modulation means

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draw the block diagram of pcm

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sampler means

3 3031

duplex system means

6 3879

what is communication

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quantizer means

8 11136

who invented c language?

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Tell me about urself apart from your cv?

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1.Introduce yourself by telling your name ,SSC,HSC, degree marks n colleges,something about your family and interests. 2.Tell about your favourite subjects. 3.Tell how satelite communication works? 4.what you mean by handoffs in mobile its types. 5.what you mean by signal fading?tell the factors affecting it and also tell the remedies to avoid it. 6.why the microwaves are used? 7.Draw the GSM architecture? 8.What u mean by Antenna?What are its basic components? 9.why you are interested to work in this company? 10.can you work anywhere anytime as per the our need?


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Assurgent Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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