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Polaris QTP Interview Questions
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How to handle recovery scenario for a application crash.write script for this.

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why do we use both location and index identifier.

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what is the script to select 2 or more than 2 options from a listbox.

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what are the environment variables,how do you use them. give an example.

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How do you use the parameters.input parameters and out put parameters.

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In web page there is five OK buttons available, while recording i click on 3rd OK button, How QTP identify the 3rd OK button while running script? Is qtp identify 3rd ok button?

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IF there are seven browsers with same name open. I want to close one particular browser thru QTP. how can i do this?

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write a VBscript code to parametrize test script using test data from sqlserver database?

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We have 10 rows of records in data table, but we have to run 4th, 5th and 6th rows only. How can we handle this scenario in QTP?

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in qtp 3 sheets is there in data table like global, action1, action2. I want to check the rows and columns in action2. how can check using script?

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In qtp what type of data tables are used , name and list out them

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In a web application , there is a table of rows and coloums , i want to pickup the 1st row and 3rd coloums name (not data)how can any one explain

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why we use check points , In qtp we use the any check points , what r they , when and why

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Why we are going for descriptive programming ? I answered as 'If objects are not present in OR we will go for descriptive Programming'? Is this correct ?

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Polaris QTP Interview Questions

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