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Patni Interview Questions
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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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Is it possible to assign two different sales organization to the same company code?

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In SD,MM,PP,FICO what are the highest organizational units?

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Why does the customer master have different views?

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What are the different partner functions can a customer master record serve?

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How to eliminate duplicates from an array?

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What is the difference between LSMW and BDC?

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Explain about vector, dictionary,hash table, property classes?

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What is Stream and Types?

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What is the corresponding Layout for Card in Swing?

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How can we process out bound delivery without shipping point?

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In ABAP What is the Use of "FOR ALL ENTRIES" Clause & when it is being used. And what it really does?

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in unix echo is used for

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Critical section is?

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what is the angle between teo hands of a clock when time is 8-30?

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Patni Interview Questions

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