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Ashok Leyland Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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2 Diesel Generators 900KVA connected to the bus bar for essential load as an alternative for power taken from 11/440V 3KVA Transformer supplying this bus bar. my question here is in the event of power failure on 11KV side can I feed the power to 11 KV bus by using the same transformer as reverse feed, what will be the inrush current???

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what is cogging and crawling

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What will happen if 230V DC motor connected to 230V AC Supply?

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what is the difference between megger and earth tester?

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what is the working principle of three point starter of dc motor?

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How to design the blower for motor? how to two blowers connected in motor?

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what is swirl induction in i.c engine????????

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what is different between electrical ckt&electronic ckt

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Ashok Leyland Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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