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Orchid Interview Questions
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In standard weight box used for calibration of analytical balance there are two numbers (Qty) of 20mg, 200mg,2.oGM weights. Why?

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Suppose we prepared pH buffer solution in lab.and calibrate against NIST solution, and same shall going to used upto 30 days. is it possible to stable pH and apperance ? suggest ?

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In GC calibration,what is the procedure to calibrate the TCD (thermal counductivity detector)suggest ?


How can calculate HT side VCB? For example I have 1250 KVA load what will be HT side VCB Amp.range and what size XLPE cable I use for HT side.

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In pharmaceuticals formulation OOS applicable in Raw Material(which is not manufacturing in the company. and purchase by approved vendor)).Why?

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