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Aricent Interview Questions
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Give a fast way to multiply a number by 7

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what is the difference between const char *p, char const *p, const char* const p

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How can you set EEPROM settings from Solaris?

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What are your salary expectations?

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What is an example of a valid MAC address? A. B. 19-22-01-63-25 C. 0000.1234.FEGA D.

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program to Reverse a linked list

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function to combine two or more arrays


Aricent Interview ,Written test -- Delhi On 21 jan 2007

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Aricent Paper & Interview : : 06 Mar 2007 : : Patiala

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How to retrieve Duplicate Rows only in a Table? Suppose if a Table Name is "Education". It consists of multiple columns. Then if we insert rows into this table with duplicate records then how can we retrieve only duplicate records from that table?

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what test case is written specifically for web applications?

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What is the diffences between Windows XP and Windows Visa

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how call flow happening

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can any one give the format of writing test cases in excel sheet.

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Tell me about yourself?

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Aricent Interview Questions

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