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Aricent Core Java Interview Questions
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After compilation of java program we'll get .class code. If it's generated in OS Windows XP will it work on OS Linux? If yes why? If no why?

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What are the OOAD concepts in java explain with examples?

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Q) I have a ArrayList object, in that object i have added 5 integer values, 5 float values, 5 string values. Now question is how can delete particular type of data ( i.e all int values or all float values or string values) in that list object at a time?

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I have a Arraylist object, it has duplecate values also. Now question is i want delete duplecate data in that objet with out using Set?

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Explain implementation and how is it different from conversion?


Explain what pure virtual function is?


How will you calculate the depth of a binary tree if the tree contains 15 nodes?


Is it necessary for the port addresses to be unique? Explain with reason.


Tell me how many ways are there to initialise an integer with a constant.


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Aricent Core Java Interview Questions

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