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Ness Technologies Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is meant by Entry and Exit points in Testing? Raam -

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what is regression testing???

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What is the differnt between Test condition and TesT Scenario

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1. What is the difference betwwen Test condition and Test Scenario 2. What is the differnce between Test Conditon and Test Scenario

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1) What is the differrence in Test Strategy and Test Approach 2)What is System Integrartion Testing

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what is configuration testing

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what is configuration testing

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What is Statement Testing

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Hi anybody can answer this question with example. giving as it is i faced in interview................. What is TestPhase? What are Entry and Exit Criterias? Should explain with Example.

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Is testing is done for ERP Products.?? like SAP R/3,If yes please send me a notes/Details. Thank you in advance

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Wat Is Configuration management and were we store all our testcases and Test data everything related to project for testing how we come to know abt the changes made in the modules and srs plz explain me the detail process for the abve if possible were to get the tutorial for all these cvs tool

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What is the difference b/w Team lead and Scrum Master???

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NOte pad Testing Q : How to test the notepad "Font size" and "Word Wrap" Options. How to test the relation between these two option.

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What is the difference between smoke an sanity testing with example ?

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Post New Ness Technologies Manual Testing Interview Questions

Ness Technologies Manual Testing Interview Questions

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