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Ness Technologies Core Java Interview Questions
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Nullpointer exception is a very common exception. Why is it not made as a checked exception?

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What is the difference between Checked and Unchecked exception? Give some examples

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What is the purpose of having the concept of overloading?

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How does Vector implement synchronization?

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What is meant by Encapsulation? Can you write a class to explain encapsulation?

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What is meant by event handling in SAX parser?

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When you say String is immutable, what do you mean by that? Say I have String s = "Ness" s= s+"Technologies"; What will happen? If the value gets appended, then what is the meaning of immutable here?

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Java violates few objected oriented concepts. Can you explain in what way?

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How many objects are created for a singleton class

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How to sort the elements in HashMap

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What is non static block in java

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when we create singleton design then we create private how JVM take private constructor to make object..but it's private..

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The following program is Overloading or Overriding? public class PolymorphismEx { public int sampleMethod(int a) { return a; } public String sampleMethod(int a) { return "Is it Overloading or Overriding???"; } }

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Ness Technologies Core Java Interview Questions

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