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Mphasis Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What are two of your weaknesses?

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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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What are the Object and Class that classes used for?

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what is long term capital gains & short term capital gains ?

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what r the heads of taxation

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Suppose in DHCP server running network(assigning ip addresses automatically), you connect a Laptop in the same n/w, now how the DHCP is going to assign a IP add. to it and how it will came to know that there's one new machine added.

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How SNMP communicates to Managed Devices and Do it takes help of other protocols?

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Suppose in SNMP managed Network, Network card of one machine fails then how Management Devices comes to know about this machine and suppose in other case machine gets shutdown then how it will be recoginised.

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What do you mean by MIB and where does it stay?

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What is the difference between NEXT SENTENCE and CONTINUE?

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Can you REWRITE a record in an ESDS file? Can you DELETE a record from it?

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What is the difference between a package and a plan?

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What is wrong with the following data declaration? 01 W-DATE PIC X(6). 05 DD PIC 99. 05 MM PIC 99. 05 YY PIC 99. (a) Nothing is wrong. (b) Under W-DATE all level 05 items are having a PIC 99 but level 01 has PIC X(6). (c) PIC can't be specified for a group item. (d) DD, MM, and YY are invalid datanames.

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Mphasis Interview Questions

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Hi friends did any budy attend accenture system test for qtp? if any budy pls drop questions.not only accenture any other mnc company which you attended system test(QTP)?it may helpful to others also


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