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Mphasis Cognos Interview Questions
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How to add 2 different colors for alternative rows? i.e in a report all rows colors in alternative colors(2 colors)

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1)diff between shortcut-key and alias table? 2)what is unit testing? 3)what is scorecard?


if u having 2 pakages i want a report with report items in 2 pakages how to use the 2 pakages in single report please ans me............

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Q1. Why do we use determinant? Please explain with examples? Q2. What is new arrive dimensions? Please explain with examples? Q3. Suppose we have a table which is holding a large number of records. There are 4 columns which are very frequently used in the Cognos reports, so can we create indexing on those 4 columns?

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Q1. We have a crosstab report which is having product, region and Revenue information. Now the requirement is that we need to add a new column with the information 'High' and 'Low' just beside the Revenue column. If Revenue is high is should display as 'High' and if Revenue is low then it should display as 'Low'. Q2. If my Cube size is 2GB, now I have got the requirement to reduce it. What are the parameters I have to follow to reduce the cube size? Q3. How to get the 2nd highest salary of an employee without using any function (I mean without rownum etc.)? Q4. What is the difference between joins and scope relationship?

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Mphasis Cognos Interview Questions

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