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APTransco Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why we are giving D.C. supply to field of an alternator, why can't we give the a.C. supply

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what to do with nuetral when Generators are running in parrellel

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What will be the voltage impact on secondary side of two transformers with different vector groups when both voltages are compared.


what is booster? and how it is connected in a circuit?


armature winding of dc machine produce alternating emf then it convert in to dc by using commutator.But only we consider armature resistance why don't we consider inductive reactane effect?


What is the main difference between power transformer and Distribution transformer?

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what is principle of DC machines?

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What are the disadvantages of LT AVR over HT AVR?

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in the Distribution system .which one is Most Economically used by Power Engineer ? a)3 Phase3 wire System or b) 3Phase -4wire System

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what will happen if ac and dc supplies given



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what is the proximity & ferranti effects can you explain to me

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Elaborate the term "rotating magnetic field"

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Why 36 KV LA is used in 33 KV Line and 9 KV LA is Used in 11 KV Line

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what is the minimum clearance between a 11KV 150KVAR capacitor cell and series reactor.can a series reactor can be mounted in the same structure of the capacitor cells structure


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