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Microsoft Interview Questions
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What method must be overridden in a custom control? a) The Paint() method b) The Control_Build() method c) The Render() method d) The default constructor

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You are using the try? catch block seen in the following code segment, but no exceptions are ever caught by the catch block. What is the problem? SqlConnection cn =new sqlConnection(strSQL); SqlDataSet ds; try {; //perform the data processing steps ??.. } catch (OleDbException e) { ?.. } a) The exception class is wrong; it should be sqlErrors. b) The exception class is wrong; it should be sqlSyntaxExceptios. c) The exception class is wrong; it should be sqlExceptions. d) The exception class is wrong; it should be sqlExcptions.

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macros and function are related in what aspect? a)recursion b)varying no of arguments c)hypochecking d)type declaration

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what do you mean by .Net Framework

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what is the difference between procedures,attributes and functions?

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# define prod(a,b)=a*b main() { int x=2; int y=3; printf("%d",prod(x+2,y-10)); } the output of the program is a.8 b.6 c.7 d.none

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main difference between asp.net2.0,asp.net1.1,asp.net1.0

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why .net does not support multiple inheritance?

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What is middleware?

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The slogan ?Work is Worship? was coined by (a) Gandhiji (b) Basavana (c) Visvesvaraya (d) Buddha

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What is the use of edititem template ingridview?

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Without QTP (or any Testing tool) can we able to test the GUI part of the Applications. for Example generating the Scripts in Notepad and Executing them Using VB. Is it Possible to do so.. Correct me if iam wrong some where.

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Implement a function that returns the 5th element from the end in a singly linked list of integers in one pass.

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how can i return string by vilating duplicates(inpyt like asdfsda but output should be 2a2d2sf and 2a,2d,2s,f)

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Write a program to find the smallest and largest element in a given array in c language

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Microsoft Interview Questions

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