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Microsoft C++ Code Interview Questions
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How to Split Strings with Regex in Managed C++ Applications?


Given 1 to n distinct random number of which n+1th element was duplicated. How do find the duplicate element and explain the time complexity of the algorithm.


How reader and writer problem was implemented and come up with effective solution for reader and writer problem in case we have n readers and 1 writer.

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hello friends, given an expression we have to remove the unwanted brackets in that expression. Eg : (a+b) ---> a+b (a+b)*(c)-----> (a+b)*c. Please mail me if you know the logic. My mail id is : Thank you in advance :-)

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A Binary no. is given, we hav to find it's decimal equivalent.

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can we declare an object of a class in another class?(assume both class as public classes)

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Microsoft C++ Code Interview Questions

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