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Microsoft Interview Questions
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What is different between analogous and digital

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how configur net and vpn on cisco product


From the given paragraph of text, write a program to match the strings of format “Any number of numerals followed by an underscore followed by any number of alphabets" ex:123_abc (Note:using regular expressions)

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what is windows installer

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is it possible to use flexgrid in vb dotnet?

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find a number whether it is even or odd without using any control structures and relational operators?

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This was asked to me recently in Microsoft interview How would you do DOS copy command testing


How would you do " Keeping two folders in sync testing"


Test a file replication service that copies files from one net location to another


Test a function that reads a file into memory, say ReadFileToMemory( FILE * pFile, BYTE * pMem, DWORD numBytes)


Hi recently in an interview I was asked to write API test cases. Since I am not familiar with it can someone put more light towards API testing and give some example test cases for the same. Thanks!

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Hi Friends, Can u give few interview questions which relates ArrayList and Hashmap. I mean how to link ArrayList and HashMap.I know this is not good way of asking questions like this , but i need

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Q.1. You set up scheduled tasks to run & notify you of any failures. 3 days later you see that none of the tasks ran & you received no notifications. What to do?

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What is difference between restoration and recovery in SQLServer?

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Current version of IIS

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Microsoft Interview Questions

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Can we get price for the products by maintaining condition types in crm without connecting to ipc?


What is the sql*loader? : aql loader


What are the types of hard disk?


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Define complex element?


Why do we need spring mvc?


How to define the billing profile and assign to the contracts?


What is a loopback address?


Explain the difference in approach when designing a responsive website over a mobile-first strategy?


How can we create tensors from python objects?


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Explain what are components of report studio?


Is it possible to edit data in Repeater control?


What are the causes of receding gums?