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Microsoft CCNA Interview Questions
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As system administrator, you type "debug ipx sap" and receive the following lines as part of the IOS response: type 0x4, "HELLO2", 199.0002.0003.0006 (451), 2 hops type 0x4, "HELLO1", 199.0002.0003.0008 (451), 2 hops What does "0x4" signify? A. That is a Get Nearest Server response. B. That it is a General query. C. That it is a General response. D. That it is a Get Nearest Server request.

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What command do you use to disable domain lookup? A.) no domain-lookup B.) domain no-lookup C.) lookup no-domain D.) no ip domain-lookup

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Tell me CCNA Course + Dump Q/A in chennai?

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What is difference between Store-and-Forward, cut-through, Fragment-Free Method?

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Microsoft CCNA Interview Questions

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