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ANZ Interview Questions
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why sequence generator should not directly connected to joiner transformation ?

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Corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Discuss

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1.What is the difference between regular join logical file and non join logical file? 2.what are the nessasary keywords for non join logical file

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why you feel you would be suitable for Inbound customer service consultant role in a bank ?


How to pass instream data in sysin with Assembler?

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what is different between procedure and function

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What is the difference between Mortgage, Pledge and Hypothecation? Reply.....

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how to get duplicate records from tables?write qurey for this?

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HOW TO DESIGN THE body EARTH cable(Copper Conductor) size for 60KVA UPS?


How to measure the earth resistance value in a concrete pavement(flood light area)?


1) 100 test boxes there in application. how to click 100 test boxes using vb script? 2) 100 objects there in web page,how we will store that 100 objects repostries?

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example of aptitude ns


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In my recent interview i was asked what did u do all these years and why are u looking for a job now.(plz help me out to ans dis question as i am a fresher and i finished my masters in 2007 but i was interested in working but my interest was to do business in fd.


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