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ANZ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is authorised capitla and subscribed capital

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what is Reconciliation-NOSTRO,VOSTRO?

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example of aptitude ns


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On what different real time issues you worked while doing P2P cycle implementation?


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pls send me ongc privious entarnace exam papers


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how much GROUND & NEUTRAL VOLT maintain in data center.


hi friends... this is priya.i had 1 year of experiance in manual testing from jan-dec 2011 in a reputed level 5 MNC and my CTC was 3.25LPA . recently i cleared 2 rounds of technical interviews and in few more days i will have hr interview in a CMMI level3 company... in hr interview they may ask about expected ctc.what i should answer for this question? i had more than a year gap, so what package i can expect? same CTC or some % of hike or as per the company norms?


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ANZ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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