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Kirloskar Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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sir can you operated Transformer on frequency from that for which is design?

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sir what is the minimun earth resistance value of an industial bit and grid bit ? and Why?

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sir, Is their any measuring unit of knoking? please explian?


sir, why alternator output is connected to delta side in to generating transformer? any reasion?

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sir, Two different rating of generator going to connect parallel, can it set same DROOP or different. Why? Please explain

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Sir, why generating power plant operating at above 0.9 lag? detail explaination?

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sir What is the different bet'n "Active & passive" sensors

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Sir Power transformer :- (in generating station) Alternator terminals side - Delta HT transmission line side - Star Why?

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how can calculate 1kva generator running time in 1 liter keroscene


Which contains in POLE ASSEMBLY of a 11KV Kirloskar-make SF6 (Model No-FP620A12)? Will u clarify with drawing?


why capacitor using the induction motor?

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Electricity sometimes can be dangers , sometime got shoked form it . It is because of volatge or Current

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What is meant by pitch of a synchronous machine.??

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can we run three phase motor by single phase? and what happens if we do this

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what is the function of turbo charger in disel generators

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