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Kirloskar Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what kind of carrier you would like to build yourself?

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what is the difference between stress and pressure?. what is the difference between moment and torque?

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purpose of centrifugal pump casing wear ring and impeller wear ring

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what is the working principal of air compressor?

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What you would like to contribute to BHEL’s growth?

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How to handle production department ?


What is A check, B check, C Check & D check for a diesel Generator? Please guide me as this question was asked many times and till now i haven't get right answer.If you can mail me then please mail me the answer @

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what is composition for cast iron as per is 120 grade 25


What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes?

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What is the shaft coupling and its types.

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• What has been your biggest professional disappointment?

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what is threaded joints ,where present usage ?


what is Direct control valve ? explain its practical applications?


How to disiegn DCV circuit ?


about i c engines

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