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IOCL Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is welding defect?

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when pump is maitaind throughly and installed perfectly then why pump vibrates on above standard vibration level?

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What will you do in case of scavenging fire

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what s available NPSH and required NPSH? which is given by manufacturer and which is not? what is the role of customer in choosing NPSH?

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In which industrial process you will use centrifugal separator

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What is cri pumps & mechanical sael


Which bearing is connecting to I.C engine shaft?

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What is the effect of pump installation in series and parallel connection.

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why 2 APH used in one boiler

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What type welding electrode is used to weld chrome?


what is milling and types of milling?what is drilling and types of drilling? what is tapering and their types?


what is the pump cavitation?

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IOCL Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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