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IntelNet Interview Questions
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what is BAPI?

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Describe a problematic situation and how you solved it?


What will u do if you were not selected?

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what is the toughest thing you hav had to do professionaly?


why u want to join a domestic call center than international call center. i thing u dont have ablity for international call center

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What are the basic questions for freshers in bpo?

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what are the disadvantages of the mobile.

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I want to know in detail about SHRINKAGE & Atteration, the two terms mainly used in call center interview ?

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What is a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in Call center, and what is the calculation method for it in Call Canter ?


I want to know in brief - What is a Disiplineary Action Policy (DAP) and Carective Action Policy (CAP) the both terms used in call center ?


There are 200 questions on a 3 hr examination.Among these questions are 50 mathematics problems.It is suggested that twice as much time be spent on each maths problem as for each other question.How many minutes should be spent on mathematics problems, plz give detail, how to solve?

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Why do u like to join the bpo

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Speak on mumbai city.......

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Any Recent Movie you Saw Tell Me Story in Short ?

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how can i install active directory in windows 2008

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Un-Answered Questions

hi i am electronics & telecomm engg & appling 4 the AAI jr executive (electronics/ATC) written test. pls forward me the syllabus & old question papers.I will be very much thankful to you. pis inform to


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Explain about circumstance definition rules?


Explain the difference between #import and #include in objective-c?


What is pluck method in laravel?


Which library is provided by struts for form elements like check boxes, text boxes etc?


what does user compare do in sap security?


What is the public method modifier?


How can you define field dependency?


What is a jms listener?


Do we need Local InterBase on the client machines along with my BDE application?


What is the voltage gain or transfer function of amplifier?


What is slim framework?


How do I fix missing dll files in windows 7 64 bit?


How to decide DO set rating of Transformer?