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Infotech QTP Interview Questions
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in how many ways we can write the user defined functions one way i know that i.e storing it in .vbs another way i does not know my friend said that .qtf or something but start with q letter can any buddy knows about this

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in real time when we are creating the script by default it is going to save in action object repository or not any way my question is in one of my interviewer said that in real time the default object repository is action object repository and by using quick test plus they are going to merge is it correct i said that by selecting the object repository as shared one in selecting the test>>settings>>resources but she is not convinced what is the correct one

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Does QTP record on Objects created on XWindows Environment?


What is the difference between QTP 8.2 and QTP 9.2 ?

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What is the Difference Between Quick Test Pro and Quick test professional?

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What are the Latest Feature are added In QTP 9.2?

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What are they Advantages and Disadvantages in QTP 9.2?

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wt is frame work wt r d different types of frame works used in ur company

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1. Pls can anyone give me the descriptive programing script to find the number of edit boxes in a login window in flights reservation (windows application only not web). 2. Using descriptive programing, how do you handle changing URLs. Pls anyone, very urgent

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What should we say if interviewer asks "What is ur project architecture?".......Can any one help me with clear information.?????????


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Infotech QTP Interview Questions

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