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Infotech Interview Questions
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Design a counter for the following binary sequence: 0,4,5,3,1,6,2,7 and repeat. Use JK flip-flops.

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A car averages 55 mph for the first 4 hours of a trip and averages 70 mph for each additional hour. The average speed for the entire trip was 60 mph. How many hours long is the trip?

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what is the importance of job in the life of person? if he hasa to select one from family or job what he will choose?

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thermal engineering,strength of materials,design of machine element,

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a is person take 10 days to do a work, b is a person take 15 days to do same work, if both do the work how many days will they take

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what is vpn and describe the diffrence between ras and vpn.

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find the smallest no in gp whose sum is 38 and product is 1728 a. 12 b. 20 c. 8 d. none of these

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1/4th of a no is thrice the 3/4th of the no. then find the no.

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Infotech Interview Questions

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