How Client will contact the Bean?

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Answer / sapan kumar das

First Client Homeinterface get by
1.Client locates the Homeinterface using JNDI services.
2.EJB server return reference of Homeinterface.
3.Client call the create method of Homeinterface
4.EJB server return the reference of Remoteinterface
5.Client invoke the remotemethods
6.server return the results.

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Answer / john doe

The client will use the Home interface to create an EJB Object.
When client makes a function call it will access the EJB
Object through the Remote interface.
The EJB Object then decides which EJB and which function is
to be called.
Thus the connection between the client and Bean is established

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Answer / janet

The client view is provided through two interfaces -- the
home interface and the remote interface. These interfaces
are provided by classes constructed by the container when a
bean is deployed,based on information provided by the bean.

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